‘Fast & Perfect’ for Flos

Flos exclusive installation system for trimless downlights.

Design Frank Sinnaeve & Stephan Gunst

Patented round hole saw to drill quick and precise double level installation holes. Uniform results throughout out the whole installation, even in the case of uneven plasterboard thickness.
Thanks to specific installation rings, this system applies to both round and square downlights, and can be installed up to 50% faster.

Frank Sinnaeve - Fast & Perfect

Stepped steel teeth: this design facilitates the removal of any cutting remains from the plasterboard.
Spacer wheels to ensure constant rebate edge. The drill and installation have the same result when used with with different plasterboard thickness.
Double stainless steel round saw: unset teeth with negative edges, specially designed to cut plasterboard and paper layers.

Frank Sinnaeve - Fast & Perfect
Frank Sinnaeve - Fast & Perfect

Plasterboard drilling with Flos tool to obtain a hole surround-ed by a milled ring with an even thickness.

Frank Sinnaeve - Fast & Perfect

Easy installation of the trimless frame in the hole: glued or screwed to plasterboard.

Frank Sinnaeve - Fast & Perfect

Plasterboard finish covering the frame.