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FLOS Moonline



The perfect integration of light and architecture. Suitable for residential, stylish tertiary and hospitality, with its soft, warm light springing from the solid surfaces of the ambient, MOONLINE is the perfect solution to enrich any kind of interior design with its discrete and clean pureness. The system is a simple combination of recessed aluminium profiles and LED lighting modules. Profiles, with their special anti-glare design, can be installed on either plasterboard wall or ceiling. They are finished in withe or primer to allow perfect integration in the environment also when the light is not on, and they are offered in different lengths to perfectly match architectural requirements. LED modules, equipped with a PMMA diffuser that guaranties uniformity in their 3.000K light emission, are easily installed in profiles with a tool-less magnetic fixture system, and their position in the structure can be calibrated and modified in any time, in order to reach the desired lighting effect in the room.

Light Sources

Top LED 2,5/10W depending on version.

Power Supply

The product is supplied pre-wired to be connected to a 24V/240W. Remote power supply source. Remote power supply source not included.


50-60Hz/240W power supply source. Supplied separately.

Additional Information

Moonline is an electric system supplied at 24V and limited to a maximum current of 10A. To avoid overload problems, the installation of an independent 240W power supply source is recommended for every 12m installed.

Compliance of Standards and Quality Marks

Protection rating IP20. Can be installed on normal flammable surfaces.



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